With school holidays fast approaching ,now is the time to send off those letters,emails to schools in your local area offering to search school play areas  and to safely remove sharps and hypodermic syringes during the mid term break.

Now most people will be scratching their heads  saying how could these dangerous things could possibly be doing in a school  playground ,but it is a sad reality that one school child each year in Derbyshire  acquires a needlestick injury  in this way. Many playgrounds are adequately fenced off but are in close proximity to footpaths and unfortunately some selfish people throw these sort of dangerous objects over the fence onto the play area.Every Detectorist will tell you how quickly they can become buried only to re emerge years later possibly due to being raised by tree roots or animals.With our mild climate it is highly probable that dangerous pathogens can survive in syringes for a very long time.So the Metal Detectorist can play a vital role in ensuring that children can stay safe in the playground by removing these hidden dangerous objects.
From experience the best course of action is to apply about a month before the holidays are due to start,and to write messages obviously to the school Principal.But it is also very important to contact the School Board Of Governors and the Parents Association for the particular school.Be sure to emphasise that we won’t disclose to third parties the names of the schools we search or the quantity of sharps or syringes we remove from these locations.If the previous approaches to the schools are adopted this definitely increases the chances of approval being given and it makes a large group of people aware of the very important free health and safety public service that you are offering.
Schools now have a duty of care to all pupils through legislation and are require to take every appropriate action to ensure that their play areas are safe for all children.
So do get those letters off as soon as possible for the children’s sake.


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