Individual detectorists are encouraged and expected to be helpful and welcoming to new and other members of the Association.Aspects of these are ,inviting people onto your permission as your guest or as a detecting buddy.It is great to hear back positive stories of great days out and of knowledge and experience shared from experienced to new detectorists.
However we must remind individual members of the importance of getting your guest to agree to and to sign some sort of a written Pre-search Guest Detectorist Agreement.A good agreement between the inviting detectorist and the guest should cover areas such as the percentage sharing of finds,conduct of guest detectorist expected,accepting the 3 person limit on searches,and the elimination of any legal liability by the inviting detectorist, for injury,damage caused by the guest detectorist to others or property,and injury or loss of property to the guest detectorist themselves.
We have been reliably informed that if metal detectorists  have not agreed to and legally entered into some sort of written pre- search agreement then potentially the inviting detectorist could be legally liable for damage caused to others by the guest detectorist and for injury caused to the guest by their own actions, and for any loss or damage to the guests own property.
So by all means please be welcoming to new members but be please be sure to get the guest detectorist,detectorists to agree to and to sign this very important pre search legal agreement.


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