As we head into a very early spring we reflect on events from a very wet winter of 2014.
Whilst a lot of other associations did not get up to much ,the weather didn’t deter our members who got out ,got wet but removed a lot of syringes ,junk from Derbyshire,and saved a few casual loss relics and coins from the ever increasing environmental pollution.
As individuals we were only too glad to help out the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust in their campaign to stop the proposed destruction of The Sanctuary by individually objecting to the proposed planning application.Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have brought the matter to the High Court ,so that is why there is no posting about the planning decision on our website.We were disappointed that no other metal detecting associations/clubs in Derbyshire and surrounding counties came to the assistance of this fellow organisation which was in trouble at this time.
Association members were delighted to help the family of Dr Ahmed Zackari of Littleover as part of our free recovery service. We were pleased to be able to recover a very important item for them.
We also came to the assistance of landowners in making them aware of evidence of illegal poaching,theft and vandalism.Association members were also able to give evidence to a farmer which led to the tracing back of illegally dumped items on farmland.So it is a very good idea for landowners to let detectorists onto your land as we are extra pairs of eyes and ears for you.Please don’t allow detectorists who can not prove their electronic equipments authenticity ,on to your property.
We all collectively decided that we have to thank the following groups and individuals for their help and assistance over the winter.Landowners and managers,staff at St Andrews House Derby,Management and staff at Joan Allen Detectors,Management and staff at Minelab Detectors especially Tim in Cork,Management and staff at XP Detectors especially Allain Loubet,Brian and Mo Cross at,Arthur Kindred and Paul Harrison from the Prince Bishop Metal Detecting Club,And Sjoerd,Theo,Earl,Jan from the West-Frisiae 4 Metal Detecting Club in Holland.
We wish all association members,people and organisations who were helpful to us ,and readers of this blog a safe and good spring for the pursuit of our lovely recreational hobby.



Apart from safely removing sharps/used hypodermic syringes and rubbish ,members of the Making Derbyshire Safer Metal Detecting Association offer another great public service too.
The pursuit of our great recreational hobby allows us to help the public who have lost metal items.For over the last 10 years individual members have been offering this great recovery service to the public in Derbyshire.It gives us great pleasure to assist others in this way.

Association members will try their best with their detectors to recover your lost item for you.
If an association member has to travel well out of the way to get to your location ,then we ask is for petrol costs or for bus fares to be covered.As we are fundraising for a new metal detector which everyone in the club will have access to, we will ask on finding the lost item for a donation based on the real or sentimental value to the owner.

Anyone wishing to contact us for this purpose should do so through our contacts section on our web page.
It would be very helpful if you could tell us the exact location where the item was lost,so that we could check to make sure that the area is not an archaeologically protected area ,and for for underground hazards such as gas pipes or electrical cables to be identified
.If an association member does find your item we would be very grateful if we could publish just your name and general location on our website.We will not disclose what we recovered for you, out of respect for your privacy.If association members recover a valuable item which we think could be insured ,then we will have to inform the Association Of British Insurers.Unfortunately we have heard of situations in the past where metal detectorists have recovered valuable items for their owners after substantial payments/replacements have been made by the insurance company concerned.
Before Association members start the recovery process and after they show you their current membership card,they will inform you of this legal requirement .
We ask people to be very vigilant about who they allow to search for their lost property,and not to allow individuals to search who can not prove that their equipment is genuine and not stolen.If they are the sort of person who knowingly uses stolen equipment ,then it is quite possible that they might not hand over your lost item to you if recovered.
All members of the Making Derbyshire Saver Metal Detecting Association are required to provide proof of authentification of ownership for all electronic metal detecting equipment.
Finally we ask people to be patient whilst members search for your lost item .We will do our best to find it for you but our arrival does not gaurantee recovery.



“You’ve definately saved some kiddies lives there me duck” was one of the positive comments from the nurse at St Andrews house as I handed over the two safety containers full of ┬áhypodermic syringes and sharps.
St Andrews House on London Road in Derby offer a free and safe collection and safe disposal point where many of our association members regularly bring their full safety containers full of syringes and sharps found whilst metal detecting in Derbyshire.
Before you visit in order to ensure you don’t have a wasted journey ,be sure to ring to check and see if the nurse is on call.(Number will be listed on your membership information pack)Other staff members can’t accept the containers.There is a free car park for visitors beside the building and be sure to show your current association membership card,and don’t forget to thank the nurse for taking the items and for the free empty containers in return.Its nice to be nice and they are providing a free service too ,so please don’t take the staff for granted.

The picture above shows one of the full containers and an overflow bucket of which you can see the potentially lethal contents ,some of which were removed from school playgrounds during the mid term break ,from areas where children had access to ,and increasingly on rural Derbyshire farmland which has had green waste applied on it.
Every year one child acquires a needle stick injury in Derbyshire.
So it just goes to show you that the days of letting your children run barefoot as many people did in the past through meadows is long gone, and how important it is to use gloves and trowels whilst metal detecting.
Association members are all noticing an increase in the number of disposed syringes found .Whilst we can’t do anything to stop the horrible practice of drug addiction and use ,we can try to lessen innocent people being killed and injured by removing as many syringes and sharps as possible from Derbyshire.

Surely there is some very bright person out there who could design a miniature barcode which could be incorporated into the syringe during manafacture.This could be easily read by a hand held scanner or smart phone and dumped syranges could be traced back to the organisations who handed them out/sold them.
Something like this has to be done as the dumping of used and partially used syringes in school playgrounds ,green areas and farm lands is reaching epidemic proportions.
Whilst this happens Associations members will continue to provide this free Public Health Service to the public in Derbyshire.
We urge other metal detecting associations and clubs to encourage their members on an individual basis to carry ,use and publicly display whilst detecting ,secure sharps containers.If enough detectorists started doing this it would create a greater positive image and respect from the public for our great hobby.

And you know the best thing as you hand over your full sharps container ,is the feeling that you have saved someone from having a serious injury and possibly their life as well.