As we head into a very early spring we reflect on events from a very wet winter of 2014.
Whilst a lot of other associations did not get up to much ,the weather didn’t deter our members who got out ,got wet but removed a lot of syringes ,junk from Derbyshire,and saved a few casual loss relics and coins from the ever increasing environmental pollution.
As individuals we were only too glad to help out the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust in their campaign to stop the proposed destruction of The Sanctuary by individually objecting to the proposed planning application.Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have brought the matter to the High Court ,so that is why there is no posting about the planning decision on our website.We were disappointed that no other metal detecting associations/clubs in Derbyshire and surrounding counties came to the assistance of this fellow organisation which was in trouble at this time.
Association members were delighted to help the family of Dr Ahmed Zackari of Littleover as part of our free recovery service. We were pleased to be able to recover a very important item for them.
We also came to the assistance of landowners in making them aware of evidence of illegal poaching,theft and vandalism.Association members were also able to give evidence to a farmer which led to the tracing back of illegally dumped items on farmland.So it is a very good idea for landowners to let detectorists onto your land as we are extra pairs of eyes and ears for you.Please don’t allow detectorists who can not prove their electronic equipments authenticity ,on to your property.
We all collectively decided that we have to thank the following groups and individuals for their help and assistance over the winter.Landowners and managers,staff at St Andrews House Derby,Management and staff at Joan Allen Detectors,Management and staff at Minelab Detectors especially Tim in Cork,Management and staff at XP Detectors especially Allain Loubet,Brian and Mo Cross at,Arthur Kindred and Paul Harrison from the Prince Bishop Metal Detecting Club,And Sjoerd,Theo,Earl,Jan from the West-Frisiae 4 Metal Detecting Club in Holland.
We wish all association members,people and organisations who were helpful to us ,and readers of this blog a safe and good spring for the pursuit of our lovely recreational hobby.


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