Everywhere you go it seems as if every detectorist is getting or aspiring to acquire the XP Deus ,which is the latest and apparently the best metal detector currently available.The downside to all this is that there must be lots of perfectly good machines lying idle and gathering dust all over England.
Due to the high rate of stolen and fake machines on the market plus very little demand for older machines ,the current trade in value of these good machines is so low as to not make it worthwhile to trade them in,or even sell them on.
Individual detectorists in our association are always thinking of bright ideas on how to promote our recreational hobby positively with the general public,and one person came up with a brilliant idea of how we could do this using perfectly good but older machines.
So if your the proud owner of an XP Deus and you have an old Minelab,Technics,Garret or other brand machine lying idle,or if your a club or association looking to make positive use of older machines then please read on.
Individual Detectorists in our association have been asked to participate at events at shows ,village fairs and local schools.Most other groups usually respond with a static display with the aim of acquiring more land area to search,and in schools with lectures which struggle to hold the children’s attention.
This sort of approach does not capture the imagination of the public and that’s what we need to ensure that our lovely recreational hobby is passed onto the next generation to enjoy.
As individual detectorists we would like to give the public and schoolchildren a positive hands on experience of metal detecting by letting them detect happily for lets say ,half an hour on a prescreened area which has been seeded with interesting items.Coaching as they go will show them how to save the discoverd item correctly,health and safety,and proper refilling of holes and greater appreciation of our hobby.
What we need for this to happen is that we would need to receive some good older machines and pin pointers in working order from generous metal detectorists.Anything that can detect down to about 3 inches would be ideal and with a stem that can be easily shortened .As we have all agreed to the 3 detectorist search rule,we would require 3 machines plus 3 on standby giving us a total of 6 metal detectors and 6 pin pointers.Machines and pin pointers would have to be fairly robust and we can only accept them if they can be positively traced back to the manafacturer or distributor.
We will try to arrange collection of donated items ,and if this is not possible we will cover the cost of delivery to us.
As individual detectorists we all remember the excitement of our first coin /relic find.If we could pass on this enthusiasm to schoolchildren and the public through this new novel idea,then the future of our lovely hobby will be positive.


N.C.M.D vs F.I.D

Over the last few months since the death of F.I.Ds Mr Colin Hanson,RIP,individually and collectively as metal detectorists we are increasingly concerned at the apparent war of words between individuals allegedly purporting to represent both organisations in the media/online.
Some of the comments must surely be very hurtful to Colin’s family.
As our association is one of the very few strictly independent metal detecting associations in England ,and because of the damage being caused to our lovely hobby,we feel individually and collectively that we should speak out about what is happening.
We all agree that both organisations should establish if any of their members are involved ,and if they are they should request that they should stop their actions immediately.
A press release to this effect should be released by both organisations.
If current actions by individuals allegedly representing either organisation ,continue it will do our great hobby no good,polarise the detecting community and distract us from promoting ourselves positively.