N.C.M.D vs F.I.D

Over the last few months since the death of F.I.Ds Mr Colin Hanson,RIP,individually and collectively as metal detectorists we are increasingly concerned at the apparent war of words between individuals allegedly purporting to represent both organisations in the media/online.
Some of the comments must surely be very hurtful to Colin’s family.
As our association is one of the very few strictly independent metal detecting associations in England ,and because of the damage being caused to our lovely hobby,we feel individually and collectively that we should speak out about what is happening.
We all agree that both organisations should establish if any of their members are involved ,and if they are they should request that they should stop their actions immediately.
A press release to this effect should be released by both organisations.
If current actions by individuals allegedly representing either organisation ,continue it will do our great hobby no good,polarise the detecting community and distract us from promoting ourselves positively.


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