Association members have every right to swing their old machines with big smiles ,following some very good news recently.I was delighted to be able to tell everyone  that all the good work that we have been doing for many years, has not gone un-noticed  by other organisations in Derbyshire.

The Derbyshire Directory which is organised and maintained by 14 separate organisations in Derbyshire have recognised our individual good work by granting us the right to become the first  metal detecting association /group in Derbyshire ,to be listed on their directory.An added bonus is that because members safely  remove  so much rubbish ,hypodermic syringes /sharps from the ground ,we were allowed a listing in the Conservation groups  section as well as the Environmental Organisation section too.

We sincerely wish to thank all the various groups for allowing us to be the first metal detecting association/group to be listed on the directory and for recognising our good work.

The Derbyshire Directory is important for us in that it is promotes us and our lovely hobby positively with the public.It gives us the opportunity to show that Metal Detecting  has positive benefits for people wildlife and the environment  .The Directory also allows us to interact positively with other similar groups ,local government , and this two way interaction will give us the opportunity for our Individual members  to be consulted ,and for us to positively guide the development of our lovely hobby in Derbyshire for current and future generations.

well done everyone and keep up the good work



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