As part of our common practice and beliefs we try to help out other groups and communities that are experiencing difficulties.For a long time the residents of Borrowash have been able to enjoy and appreciate a large area of green belt land just outside their lovely village. Sadly plans have been announced which if approved will mean that this lovely historical green belt land will be completely destroyed by urban development.Our association has come to the assistance of the Borrowash Action Group and Parish  Councils by opposing these terrible proposals.In our individual objections we all informed the planning authority that the residents of Borrowash had an acquired legal right  to the continued use and the retention of this lovely green belt area in its present condition,not to mention the possible unrescued  archaeology that will be destroyed in this development.Already this year in Derbyshire there  was a proposal to destroy a wildlife sanctuary,and this is a proposal to destroy a green belt.If this is approved then it’s only a matter of time before protected archaeological sites are targeted in this way too.