Please could all association members give me a call or a text in the next day or so we can have an unprecedented  emergancy meeting.Im very sorry to have to do this and it’s very inappropriate timing as im in the middle of moving all my things down to my son and his families house.

im very sad and disappointed after hearing about a  online  and very unfair and verbal attack on our very longstanding association  and our good actions in my opinion by Mr Paul Barsford in the media.

please note I will be asking our solicitor to attend and I will be contacting the Polish Embassy in London  to politely ask for either the Polish Ambassador to the UK to attend or a consular official.Either or both if possible.

Also if anyone could know of a polish person in Derbyshire who can speak good English and who would be willing to translate for the ambassador or the consular official, I would be very grateful.

again im very sorry to have to ask you all to contact me over this and it’s apalling timing.

The timing of this when I’m in the middle of a move especially when I’m not a young un anymore is very underhand.

a sincere thanks to  John and his colleagues  at the station for picking up on this so quickly for me and letting me know so quickly

you know I was hoping to make my last message to you all on the association website a happy one  before I left .

sincerely a very sad and upset




The dry weather made it an ideal summer to go out and try to make derbyshire safer for others to enjoy,however the absence of moisture in the soil made it hard going for members to try and remove rubbish and sharps from the ground ,not to mention  casual loss coins and relics too.So fair play to everyone who persisted through this very dry summer.it also seems that the dry weather affected the amount of items being lost too as I have only heard back that the Jordan family from mickleover was assisted by having a lost item recovered for them.Association members also came to the assistance of the community in Borrowash village in Derbyshire by submitting individual objections to a terrible planning proposal which if approved will destroy an archaeological green belt area.So apart from a very dry and quiet summer the only highlight for the association was the fantastic achievement of being listed in and being recognised by the Derbyshire Directory  for our voluntery and environmental work through our lovely hobby.We are the first and so far only metal detecting association /group in Derbyshire to be recognised in this way, and it gives us a fantastic opportunity to interact positively with other voluntery groups and local government.

So  we have to thank the following for their help and assistance to us over the summer.Landowners and managers, Management and staff at St Andrews house ,Amber valley cvs,Community action Derby,Community volunteer partners, derbyshire dales cvs,Erewash voluntery action cvs,High peaks cvs,NDVA,Rural action derbyshire,South derbyshire cvs,South derbyshire voluntery sector mental health forum,Volunteer centre Buxton,Volunteer centre Chesterfield & North East derbyshire,Volunteer centres derbyshire,Derbyshire County Council,Borrowash Action Group& Parish Councils.

At this point in time I have to inform association members of a decision ,which I have been thinking about all summer.Unfortunately time is the enemy of man and woman too and I am no exception.Im getting on and finding it difficult to look after myself ,and my son has asked me to come live with his family down south and help them with his young family.So over the next week or so I will be in contact with association members to see who is willing to take on the role of association spokesperson .If two or more are interested then who ever picks the shortest straw has it !!.

The role is not too time consuming but in my opinion who ever takes on the role should  be energetic and pro-active as I feel that the future of our lovely recreational  environmentally positive hobby in Derbyshire ,will be decided by Local government within the next five years.So the spokesperson along with the help of  individual members will have to be vigilant so that we can guide this future in a positive direction.As we head into our twenty fifth year of metal detecting together informally it will be a very important time for who ever is association spokesperson.

On a personal note I have to say it has been a pleasure buddying up with each and everyone of you over the years .