Please could all association members give me a call or a text in the next day or so we can have an unprecedented  emergancy meeting.Im very sorry to have to do this and it’s very inappropriate timing as im in the middle of moving all my things down to my son and his families house.

im very sad and disappointed after hearing about a  online  and very unfair and verbal attack on our very longstanding association  and our good actions in my opinion by Mr Paul Barsford in the media.

please note I will be asking our solicitor to attend and I will be contacting the Polish Embassy in London  to politely ask for either the Polish Ambassador to the UK to attend or a consular official.Either or both if possible.

Also if anyone could know of a polish person in Derbyshire who can speak good English and who would be willing to translate for the ambassador or the consular official, I would be very grateful.

again im very sorry to have to ask you all to contact me over this and it’s apalling timing.

The timing of this when I’m in the middle of a move especially when I’m not a young un anymore is very underhand.

a sincere thanks to  John and his colleagues  at the station for picking up on this so quickly for me and letting me know so quickly

you know I was hoping to make my last message to you all on the association website a happy one  before I left .

sincerely a very sad and upset



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