We all wish Jack all the best with his move to his new home with his son and young family.We hope it goes well for him and that he gets time to head out and make his new local area safer for others to enjoy.

ive picked the short straw !!! And I will try to continue in the good footsteps of Jack and previous association spokespersons.

As it is the time of year when most metal detecting associations,clubs and societies make their yearly donations to charities, I have been asked to mention  two very positive ways in which we can support charities ,which are an alternative to very damaging rallies.

local churches are now taking in donations of metal keys ,old coins,and foreign currency in coins .please contact your local church for details.

Mr Stephen Auker is hosting metal detecting trips for Cancer research uk, registered charity number 1089464.If your interested , he will limit the numbers from one to two people and all donations go to this very deserving charity.

two great ways there for metal detectorists to support charities ,which are positive alternatives to very negitive and damaging  large rallies.


association spokesperson


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