At our emergancy meeting  which Jack called ,it gave us the very rare opportunity for everyone to meet up all together.normally we just buddy up informally amongst ourselves,so it’s very unusual for us all to be together. Anyway whilst we were waiting  for our solicitor to arrive  and it being close to Christmas the topic of conversation inevitably got around to the possibility of someone getting a new machine over the festive season.Quite a lot of association members detectors are getting on a bit and some are defying electronic science ,mine included … keeping going so long.

sadly the responses were negitive.Gone are the days when a decent machine could be obtained from what your better half left you out of one or two wage packets. Modern machines are very expensive in comparison  to detectors purchased years ago.

someone then made an off the cuff comment about why don’t we get a decent new detector which everybody  in the association  could have access to.

before this idea could be explored  our guest arrived and our pressing business had to be attended to.

however  the idea stuck in my head and when I picked the short straw to become association secretery,  I made it a point when I was contacting everyone  to discuss it with them.Association members were all in favour of this idea, but were worried as to how we would go about this.People pointed out that other clubs and associations were constantly shaking their members down for money,so much so that they were avoiding going to meetings, whilst at the same time collecting enough money from members on non charity rallies which could easily buy definately one and possibly two top of the range machines  each year for  all members to have access to. Concerns were also raised about high charges and impossible  timescales of crowd funding schemes.

All very genuine concerns I might add too.

another round of phone calls and texts later provided the solution to all concerns raised and approval from all to go ahead with this anniversery year project.

it was decided that we approach previous and future people who request our assistance  in recovering items ,to make a voluntery donation to our Association Metal Detector fund , on what they consider appropriate to the real or sentimental value of the item .

Others could also contact the association using the contact details on the website  and  donations to the fund could  be made this way too.

A good modern machine  costs a very expensive £ 1000 to £1500 …..phew it’s no wonder most members couldn’t afford that sort of money.A very optimistic timescale to reach this could be 1 year ,whilst being pessimistic  4 years !

lets hope our old machines defy electronic science  for a while longer !.

Obviously quite a bit of research has to be done in selecting a machine which can allow everyone to use in keeping Derbyshire safer into the future.We should also consider the manafacturers in our final choice .what sort of profits are they making, how they treat their staff and what do they do to to protect and positively promote our lovely hobby.

of course this all depends on how things go, but do you  know if it succeeds  what a brilliant way it would be to celebrate our anniversery year .


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