As everyone in Derbyshire knows that April 1st is a time for practical jokes and tricks up untill midday, Having had a few pulled on me so far and it’s well past the mid day point ,it’s safe to continue on with normal business.

Just recently the Association received an unusual request from a Mr Linden Weaver, a Derbyshire Archaeologist based in Belper.He would be most grateful if he could be allowed to accompany members on field detecting trips out and about in Derbyshire.The purpose of this request is to “shadow and help”

Now I do know that all association members are still reeling from the underhand way that another archaeologist Mr Paul Barford treated us and Jack in particular. But I do ask that members to be open minded about Mr Weaver and to consider and accommodate his request.

i know it is at the end of the detecting season as crops are going in,but I would be most grateful if willing members could contact me within the next month , so that Mr Weaver has sufficient time to sign the presearch guest detectorist legal agreement and to arrange his own public liability insurance cover.

looking forward to all your responses.

sincerely  john



Well what a great winter we had to detect. It was almost too dry and no frost !!!.the dryness must have impacted on the finds and also on the recovery of junk and sharp objects too.

it has been a quiet season but great weather to detect in.

we had a request for assistance from far away and sadly our closest members were  away and not available for a while. Thankfully we were able to put them in touch with three other metal detecting associations in Derbyshire , and hopefully they will be able to assist them.

we also have had one unusual request which I urge members to take seriously and give active consideration to .Details to follow in the next update.

Our anniversery year has started off well  and our free association machine fund has gotten off to a reasonable start.Lets hope our prehistoric machines last a few years longer , untill we have enough money to be able to buy a top of the range machine that everyone can have access to.

as it is customary  we have to thank landowners and managers , and staff and management of St. Andrews house  for their help and assistance over what has been a lovely winter.

lets hope spring and summer is as good.

cheers from John