Just this week I was contacted by Linda our sole member in Derby Town.She has an idea on how our association could do an extra action which could be beneficial for the environment and at the same time save each member a little bit of money over the course of a year.

for this to happen she wants me !!!! To make sure everyone in the association completes her survey.I will be contacting everyone  by email for those members online and for those people not online ,by telephone instead.

if your detecting buddy is not online please can you ask them to make a mental note of how many metal detecting magazines they purchase over the year and which ones they subscribe to.This will speed things up when I telephone them.

ive been told that if the results of the survey are positive she will make a suggestion to the Assocition on how her environmental money saving idea  can happen.

sounds interesting




Just to let everyone know that this months donations  by people whom we have helped out in the past was £35.00

this brings the total in our association machine fund to £127.50

thanks to all our donors and to everyone in the association.

sincerely john