Just to let you know that the survey is nearly complete.Two members are away on holidays at the moment according to their hoping to make contact before the end of the month.

barring a major surprise in the last two  responses, it is fair to say that Linda’s membership survey is going very well and that she may be able to put a proposal to the association in September which could save us individually a bit of maundy money !….and also saving the environment as well.

oh and I stand corrected ….Ive been told Derby is a city and not a town.

apologies  john



This month we received £37.75 from people we helped in the past.sincere thanks to all grateful donors and to association members involved. Total in fund £220.25p

slowly but surely were heading in the right direction towards our 25th anniversery machine fund ,having raised over £200 now

keep up the good work and don’t be afraid to ask people for donations.