So sorry to everyone about the delay in completing Linda’s survey.This should have been done by the end of September but two members were on holidays and I was also very busy in work.

Anyway it has been completed and both Linda and I compiled the results and analysed the data.It makes interesting reading  and presents an opportunity for us to be more environmentally friendly and at the same time to save us collectively a substantial amount of money annually.


100% of members got at least 9 to 12 metal detecting magazines in a year.

70% of members bought The Searcher

30% of members bought Treasure Hunter

80% of members had read the magazine fully in less than 1 week,and 100% by the end of 2 weeks.

20% of members had kept cuttings out of the magazine ,and also entered its competitions annually.

100% of members put the fully read magazines into their recycling

0% of members share or passed on read magazines to other members

80% of members knew the meaning of the 3 R’s in recycling ( Reduce Reuse Recycle)

90% of members thought that most articles in the magazines were not time sensitive in that they did not need to be read in a hurry and would still be relevant weeks and even months later..


Some very interesting results there ,which shows that we certainly enjoy our armchair reading about our lovely hobby.The key findings were that collectively we recycled a lot of paper but did very little to reduce or reuse.Most of the articles were not time sensitive ,and that very few people entered competitions or kept cuttings from the magazine.Linda has suggested the survey results means that there is room to start a Reuse Magazine Sharing scheme for Association Members.The idea would be thus when a member has finished with a magazine ,that they would pass it on to the next member ,and this would continue on to everyone in the group.Collectively this would save us a substantial amount of money over a year ,not to mention the huge environment benefits to us and future generations.Thankfully Linda has agreed to run the scheme if it goes ahead, all members will have to do is contact her when they are passing on the magazine to another member.

I would be very grateful if every member could contact me before the end of October to let me know if they are interested in taking part in this Reuse Magazine scheme.Sorry the deadline is so tight as if the feedback is positive ,members will need  in November to start cancelling their current subscriptions to which ever magazines they get.

so please let me know by the end of October your thoughts on this issue ,and if I could also say a big thank you to Linda for this great idea for the association to follow up.

cheers from john

Association Spokesperson.


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