just a quick reminder that the time is approaching fast to hand in old keys,old coins that have gone out of circulation,and foreign coins.I think the participating churches would like to receive these items before Christmas.

also to remind all detectorists that  I believe mr Stephen Auker is still fundraising for charity by taking individual detectorists out metal detecting with him.

Donations will also be grateful RECIEVED by another detectorist Mr Ramesh Subbiah, who is raising money for cancer research by doing a sponsored walk.

We in the association are very keen to promote alternative ways to helping charities ,other than damaging large rallies.

please support these worthy causes as much as possible and be sure to say you heard about it on this website.




the associations representative has had very positive discussions with two local groups regarding this scheme.A proposal has been produced and a very kindly solicitor is going to check it out, so that no individual members of the association could be held legally liable , if any person is injured etc on the location or not being able to keep to the required procedures etc. He will also check what work load is involved for us.there has been some media interest in the scheme  but we have not decided to make any media statement until everything is finalised




linda has informed me that this is in operation now with the Christmas edition in circulation.

please remember to contact Linda when you are passing it on.

in a few weeks the January issue will be in circulation.

if all goes well there will be two magazines being passed on rather than being discarded.

just think of all the paper and trees and oxygen we are saving no to mention money as well.

i look forward to my turn and a big thank you to our sole Derby member Linda for organising this brilliant scheme.