As everyone knows the association encourages members , metal detectorists in Derbyshire and nationally to give generously to deserving charities.As association spokesperson I can see that we receive thousands of log ins from the 900 plus metal detectorists in Derbyshire alone and the thousands of hobbyists in the United Kingdom , and hundreds of emails annually on our  great free website.As the second longest metal detecting association in Derbyshire and with one of the most active club website we certainly are responsible for guiding potentially thousands of pounds annually in donations to deserving charities in Derbyshire as a result of enquiries to us.

So it was quite a surprise to discover on a recent buddy up that some charities are not accommodating to genuine metal detectorist permission requests.All the communication about this refused request was passed on and it was deemed to be a polite and appropriate request to search land which was not consecrated ,and which could continue potential relics which would be destroyed by proposed property development.

So I would be most grateful if other association members  and indeed other metal detectorists in Derbyshire to hear if they have encountered this situation from charitable associations presently and in the past.

if there is more evidence of this then perhaps in the future the Association will only recommend Charities or Charitable organisations  as deserving recipients who are accommodating to appropriate permission enquiries from practisers of our lovely hobby

association spokesperson




as mentioned previously it has been a hectic month but it’s been a very generous month for the association as we recieved a surprise and very generous gift.

The association has been offered 20 acres of land in Derbyshire to use as Club land, by a very generous landowner.

The site is pasture,has never been tilled ,since medieval times and has traces of medieval activity.Nearby is the remains of a Roman military camp which is sadly being built on by greedy developers.There is also a Roman fish pond , evidence of 16 th century water mill and the remains of a 18 th century  windmill, plus numerous disused country paths.

So great potential there to save some things from damaging modern environmental pollution.

I propose that this land should be club land and members of the association should be entitled to search for free .

Obviously the three detectorist rule will apply and searches will have to be pre booked to avoid landowner fatigue

All finds will have to be properly recorded and notified to the association spokesperson

The landowner has promised to refuse permission to all other clubs and non association detectorists, and they will not divulge to them that it is association club land

So what a very generous gift  and on behalf of the association I wish to offer the landowner a sincere thank  you .

So please let me know what you think of my proposal and any amendments you would like to see happening.

Cheers from  john

a very happy association spokesperson




wow what a hectic month it has been ,I don’t know where the previous spokesperson got the time to keep everything  going.Anyway just to update you all that the money graciously recieved this month was £15.This brings us to the total raised so far this year of £343.25 , all from donations from the public only.

were slowly heading in the right direction and as we come into the price range of machines I will mention it in the update.

to all out donators a very sincere thank  you