Just a quick note to let everyone know that their membership cards for 2016 are ready now and will be issued to each individual shortly.

apologies for the delay in getting around to doing this


association spokesperson


THE YEAR IN REVIEW in February !!

It just goes to show how busy in work I have been that I have not gotten around to doing a year in review for the association until now.Wasnt Jack great  to keep everything going so smoothly and efficiently and to be able to buddy up with everyone regularly.Apologies for not being as good as Jack in both those respects.

2015 has been a great year for the association but tinged with a moment of deep sadness for the victims of the Tunisia terrorist attack ,some of whom were well know to association members.We in the association promise not to let them be forgotten now and in the future.I gratefully wish to thank all association members ,other clubs/associations,rally organisers and independent detectorists who observed our No Detecting Weekend in Derbyshire which ran from 4-6 July in 2015.This was our way of showing respect to the victims and families of these terrible attacks on tourists in Tunisia in 2015.

I will give plenty of notice about this years event and hopefully there will be 100% observance by metal detectorists  in Derbyshire this time around.

life carries on however and I wish to highlight the good work done by all association members who buddy up week in week out remove dangerous and polluting items from the ground  which  could seriously injure children , people and wildlife.Our thanks too to the landowners and to the organisations who take these hypodermics and sharps from us and dispose of them safely for us.

personally I will try to put a posting every month on the site and try to buddy up with more people ,especially those who live at tother ends of the county.

Our reuse magazine scheme and our free association machine fund have gotten off to a good start and it’s another way of keeping in contact with each other and keeping the association going.These schemes are another way of helping members and the environment as our lovely hobby gets progressively more expensive to practice.Things are slowly moving along too on the Community Asset Transfer Scheme and a very kindly solicitor is perusing the proposals to make sure that members will not be negitively affected if they become involved in this scheme.Our membership survey was a great idea by Linda and it achieved such a positive result.We might try more of these surveys in future to see can we come up with more brilliant ideas for the association to follow up.

Also it  would be great if other clubs and associations copied some of our ideas for the benefit of their members.

Im now in my first year of association spokesperson and I know that Jack in particular wanted to do a lot more with the website ,in comparison to our activity presently.I know that he and other members wanted to put a lot more information about members up on the website and to conduct celebrity interviews to broaden the appeal of the site to more people.

However the troll attacks  of 2014/2015  ,and our increasing legal awareness has forced us to be more cautious about our website.Thanks to WordPress we can now monitor visitor activity with a view to preventing and tracing troll activity.It is only a matter of time before websites will be legally responsible for the images and personal details that they display on their sites.So that is why we don’t post pictures of association members and their details.The recent sad relevations about some leading celebrities in other sections of society in the media  in England ,has prevented us from conducting media interviews with “celebrities ” involved in our lovely hobby of metal detecting  in England and worldwide.We have to be very cautious in areas like this.

However  this caution is not affecting our website as we are seeing loads of activity  in Derbyshire ,Nationally and internationally,and getting lots of possitive messages .

The highlight of the year for myself and for the association was the unexpected  and very gratefully recieved gift of the use for the association of a substantial amount of land in Derbyshire.I and on behalf of all the members wish to sincerely thank the landowner  for their very generous gift to the use of their land by the association and their members.It was very quickly decided not to charge association members every time they decided to detect there , but to make it free of charge.So many clubs /associations ,rally’s make huge amounts of money out of their members by charging them money week in week out for the right to detect on their club land/ lands .We in the association would hope other s follow our example  here.

Activity on our website and personal insights from members show that participation in our lovely hobby continues to grow .We believe that another independent metal detecting club has been formed in Derby in the last year ….lets hope we don’t loose Linda !, bringing the number of clubs /associations based in or detecting in Derbyshire to 9.However there needs to be a lot more clubs and associations formed in Derbyshire for the benefit of participants and to show the big society that we are not a fringe hobby.It has been noticeable that other hobbies such as fishing, Bowling,historical and archaeological clubs are suffering a decline in participation.Other hobbies are growing  such as cycling and droning!.We can do very little about creating more clubs only to encourage people to form their own, but the association does need to look at getting more young people involved in our lovely hobby, to guarantee the future  of Metal Detecting in Derbyshire.However in doing so we need to come up with schemes and activities which have to be very carefully thought out  and implemented .

so with these thoughts and a very late review of 2015 I promise to buddy up with you all in 2016

Sincerely john


association spokesperson





Just to let you know of some events coming up which might be of interest to association members.


i believe that this is to be held in Birmingham on the 16th-17 April.

It would be great if a few association members could attend so as to represent the association and Derbyshire.Also as we believe the event is being sponsored by Minelab  it will also be an opportunity to question them as to their reasons for pulling out of Europe.Please let me know who is interested in attending so we can try to organise a car share to keep costs and pollution down



i believe it is to be held in the Derby museum on Saturday 27th February 2016 from 1300- 1600

this is being organised by the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire  FLO Mr Alister Willis .It is a hands on workshop to help people to identify Roman coins.The event is free but pre booking  is essential with the organiser.

i know that Linda will be going but if any members at tother ends of the county are interested please let me know and we will try to organise a car share to keep costs and pollution down

Some nice events to look forward to there

sincerely john

Association spokesperson



ive just recently met up with Linda our Derby member and organiser of the reuse magazine scheme .

so far the scheme has saved members £120 ,an unknown quantity of paper ink and trees ,oxygen and reduced pollution.

So all this is great .

However there have been some teething issues.It has been taking a lot longer than anticipated for magazines to be passed along.So it would be great if people could become a little bit more efficient at passing it on to the next member.

Now we know from our survey that your all fond of reading about our lovely hobby but please could you wait until you get home ,or somewhere clean and  dry, to read the magazine.Someone is reading the magazine whilst out detecting as there are muddy finger prints and pages stuck together from rain.

So please please could you wait until you get home to read the magazine and after you have washed and dried your hands.

By doing this it means the members who are last to receive the magazine can receive it  in more or less the same quality as those members who recieved it first.

so hopefully after this message from Linda we will see no more muddy finger marks !!!

cheers from john


We have been getting great feedback  from members in regards to our clubland  and messages of thanks to the landowner and also some praise too for my proposal to make it free to use for all members.

quite a few suggestions have been made  to make sure that our relationship with the  landowner remains good.

so here are the additional rules that Assocition members must follow  in using our clubland

children must be accompanied by an adult at all times

no guests ,independent detectorists or detectorists from other clubs are to be allowed on the site to detect.

Assocition members must have a pre search agreement with the landowner  in relation to finds and mitigation of liability issues

no dogs on the clubland

the three detectorist rule shall apply

assocition members do not need public liability insurance  once a presearch agreement has been made with the landowner.

neighbouring permissions rule,already in the course of walking the land we have met some of the adjacent landowners.In order to pre-empt any possible future bad feeling ,association members are not allowed to ask permission to search any farms who’s land touches our club land.Of course if the landowner has land elsewhere away from this land then you can of course ask for permission.

holes to be filled in correctly

searches to be pre booked with the the association first

we will be the only ones to notify the landowner when their land is being searched and by whom

we hope that these common sense rules will help to make sure we have a good relationship with the the landowner.

Members by searching this free clubland automatically agree to follow these rules and procedures

A fair use policy will apply so that every member gets to use this clubland equally

please remember we are very lucky to have this free clubland ,some other clubs and associations create substantial sums of money  for themselves by forcing their members to pay week in week out week to search their club lands ,so let’s all make sure that we can hold on to it and set a great example for other new clubs and associations to follow

cheers from john

association spokesperson