We have been getting great feedback  from members in regards to our clubland  and messages of thanks to the landowner and also some praise too for my proposal to make it free to use for all members.

quite a few suggestions have been made  to make sure that our relationship with the  landowner remains good.

so here are the additional rules that Assocition members must follow  in using our clubland

children must be accompanied by an adult at all times

no guests ,independent detectorists or detectorists from other clubs are to be allowed on the site to detect.

Assocition members must have a pre search agreement with the landowner  in relation to finds and mitigation of liability issues

no dogs on the clubland

the three detectorist rule shall apply

assocition members do not need public liability insurance  once a presearch agreement has been made with the landowner.

neighbouring permissions rule,already in the course of walking the land we have met some of the adjacent landowners.In order to pre-empt any possible future bad feeling ,association members are not allowed to ask permission to search any farms who’s land touches our club land.Of course if the landowner has land elsewhere away from this land then you can of course ask for permission.

holes to be filled in correctly

searches to be pre booked with the the association first

we will be the only ones to notify the landowner when their land is being searched and by whom

we hope that these common sense rules will help to make sure we have a good relationship with the the landowner.

Members by searching this free clubland automatically agree to follow these rules and procedures

A fair use policy will apply so that every member gets to use this clubland equally

please remember we are very lucky to have this free clubland ,some other clubs and associations create substantial sums of money  for themselves by forcing their members to pay week in week out week to search their club lands ,so let’s all make sure that we can hold on to it and set a great example for other new clubs and associations to follow

cheers from john

association spokesperson



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