ive just recently met up with Linda our Derby member and organiser of the reuse magazine scheme .

so far the scheme has saved members £120 ,an unknown quantity of paper ink and trees ,oxygen and reduced pollution.

So all this is great .

However there have been some teething issues.It has been taking a lot longer than anticipated for magazines to be passed along.So it would be great if people could become a little bit more efficient at passing it on to the next member.

Now we know from our survey that your all fond of reading about our lovely hobby but please could you wait until you get home ,or somewhere clean and  dry, to read the magazine.Someone is reading the magazine whilst out detecting as there are muddy finger prints and pages stuck together from rain.

So please please could you wait until you get home to read the magazine and after you have washed and dried your hands.

By doing this it means the members who are last to receive the magazine can receive it  in more or less the same quality as those members who recieved it first.

so hopefully after this message from Linda we will see no more muddy finger marks !!!

cheers from john


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