I have put this post up now as I have spoken to everone in the association and recieved their feedback,and it seems an appropriate time to publicise this years memorial weekend for the victims of the Tunisia Terrorist Attacks.

This year association members will remember all victims and those who were known to many of us ,on the 24th,25th and 26th of June 2016 ,by abstaining from our lovely hobby.

It is only fair that we show our respect this way as many of the victims families can no longer enjoy their hobbies with them anymore.

we respectfully ask other clubs in Derbyshire,independent detectorists ,rally organisers, and clubs outside Derbyshire thinking about detecting in Derbyshire that weekend to join with us in showing respect to the victims and their families  in this way.

we are publicising this event  very early to give people plenty of time to change their plans.

at this time I also wish to express our condolonces to the families of the victims and injured of the terrorist attack in Brussels.


John Potts

association spokesperson


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