Association free members machine fundraising,recieved £28.50 in June.Total £442.75, Thanks to all involved.

linda has informed me that in future , she will be passing on all returned free association Magazines to Detectorists in Eire.Apparently The Searcher ,American Digger and Treasure Hunting and other magazines are no longer freely available over there ! If anyone has a particular interest in any specific article or edition they should contact Our dear Linda before December.

On Saturday the 23rd of July from 1-4pm Mr Alastair Willis the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire FLO will be having a finds identification event at the Derby Museum.No prior booking or  contact details are needed ,just turn up with your finds on the day and good luck.

We wish to pass on sincere thanks from some of the families involved in our memorial weekend ,held for the victims ,survivors and their families of the Tunisia Terrorist Attack.A positive aspect from this year was the 100% observance by other clubs ,associations and independent detectorists.This creates a very good and positive image of our lovely hobby and participants and it is a great comfort to all involved that the victims have not been forgotten.However other clubs and associations need to do more non rally type events to promote themselves more positively to the public.We look forward to next years solemn commeration.

Our kindly solicitor has finished his report on Derby City Councils Community Asset Transfer Scheme,which is available on request for any member who are thinking of getting involved .Sincere thanks to our solicitor who did this for us voluntarily.

please keep sending your ideas for the Association.At the end of the summer the best ideas will be discussed  and hopefully we will have more brilliant thoughts similar to our association  free magazine sharing scheme, free association machine  for members, and free to detect clubland .We are particularly keen to hear ideas which will promote us positively to the public, to expand our hobby from fringe to mainstream,and to carefully and thoughtfully improve the demographics of participants and clubs .Other hobbies and activities are in decline such as bowling, fishing ,archaeological clubs in Derbyshire and we must be pro-active that this does not happen to our lovely and very publically beneficial hobby.


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