Just to let everyone know that £10 has been donated this month to bring our Free to use  club metal detector to £504.75.

a sincere thanks to all donors and to association members who pass these donations along to us.

we have all been chatting away all summer that we would start researching in  ernest for machines once we got over this threshold.We are undecided whether to get one machine for deep pasture ,and another for tilled soil.Hopefully there is one that does both!

our selection process is an unusual one.Scores will be given by each member  on machine performance,durability etc.

we also intend to include ratings for manafacturers,sourcing of materials and also their treatment of their workforce,and also their support for our lovely hobby.

our choice of vendor will also be rated by association members in areas similar to the manafacturers.Depending on how things go ,a substantial price rise might happen due to possible sterling weakness and trade tariffs for new metal Detectors.So we can also buy a second hand machine once it is in good condition and it’s  providence is colloborated.

so we ask all members to crack on with their research and discrete enquiries and please note we still have quite a way to go in our fundraising.

We will see how things go with this years fundraising…it will be a difficult one once the forecasted cost of living increases kick in .Depending on this variable will influence our pre agreed temporary morotorium  on new members .

yes we are not at our limits but it was decided that it wasn’t fair for Johnny and Mary come lately to enjoy our free machine at the expense of people who have been members for years.


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