Sorry for my work forced delay in publishing our association members suggestions ,of ideas for the association to follow.

in no particular order here they are.

1, one member wants us to encorouge more people to make donations of land to us  through bequests ,wills etc.

2, other hobbies such as ,bowling,archaeological clubs,pigeon racing,fishing are in steep decline as hobbies.To improve the demographics and to get more young people involved in metal detecting, that the Association with the help of the schools should start a carefully selected  “Making Derbyshire Safer Schools Metal Detecting Scheme “For Derbyshire.

3 a member wants us to contact “celebrities ” involved in our hobby in order to try and improve their portrayal of metal detecting

4 would it be possible for the association to assist the probationary service by offering metal detecting as a rehabilitation service with the assistance of the association.

5 that the association be more assertive  in roles with local government in guiding the future of our hobby in Derbyshire in a positive direction,in line with our ethos.

6two members who chat to other non association detectorists  in Derbyshire are hearing other detectorist concerns over  green waste,safety issues  etc at  pay-for rallies.They would like the association to ask local government  and HMRC to introduce compulsory licencing requirements and ambulence cover for metal detecting rallies greater than three persons In Derbyshire.

7 that the association take steps to attract more ladies to our lovely hobby and club

8 that the association ask Linda to continue our free association magazine for another year.

so some very interesting ideas there …..which will create a lot of discussion.

members should decide carefully on what they think we can achieve as an association when they make their choice.

results to be announce in the spring

thank you to all contributors.

sincerely John

association spokesperson



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