Oh dear I’m so sorry about being so late with this year end review.It was only when I was printing and laminating the membership cards for 2017 that I realised I hadn’t done a end of year review.So please accept my Apologies it’s all because I was so busy in work.I did tell you all that I would be be on here as much as Jack.

anyway. All the cards are ready to be collected and looking back wasn’t 2106 a great year for our association.It was a brilliant year for detecting….its been a while since we have had to shelter from the sun!

Our free to use clubland has been a blessing in that we have somewhere to go when the crops are in and it’s also great from a social point of view as we get to meet up with people who we wouldn’t normally meet ,because they are at tother end of the county or what not.Thanks to all the members for keeping the landowner happy by filling in all the small holes and obeying the rules of the clubland.Agin huge thanks to the landowner.

we would also like to thank the other organisations who safely dispose of all the hazardous materials we find whilst detecting ,for us.

Big thanks to Linda for  organising the free metal detecting magazine scheme ,and good news she is going to keep it going for another year….yippee !!.Great on our pockets post brexit and great for  the environment too.

Another highlight and a frequent topic of conversation whilst sheltering from the sun last year was The Queen and we were one of the few Metal Detecting Clubs to publicly send her Birthday Wishes.We look forward to possibly accommodating some of her extended family on a metal detecting day out  perhaps sometime in the future.

we raised £161.50 last year towards our free to use association metal detector fund.Thanks to all members who passed on donations and thanks to all contributors.We are slowly heading in the right direction.

Talking about fundraising ,thanks to all metal detectorists who have passed on their donations to charitable organisations  following our advice.We ensure that  we only recommend organisations that are friendly and supportive to metal detecting.Were continuously updating our information and we welcome input from non association detectorists .

last year wasn’t all about highlights there were some sad things that happened too.NCMD members of the association lost Mr Trevor Austin.We again were one of the few metal detecting clubs in the Midlands to publicly extend sympathy and  condolonces.We also lost members ourselves but sadly we couldn’t publicly announce this on the website because of the continuing troll attacks on the website and Assocition members.Thankfully due to WordPress we can monitor and trace known trollers  and monitor their browsing activities ,but we can’t prevent attacks ,but we can limit the personalisation of attacks by being very sensitive over disclosing information which could be negitively used on members  / bereaved members or their families.

were also very concerned individually and collectively by the actions of  some local government authorities  ,regarding the possible damage and destruction of known and unknown archaeological sites ,due to pressure  from property developers.Were also very concerned about more restrictions on users of local authority  recreational areas.If less people are using these areas then it’s easier for local government to class the areas as under used  ,and have them zoned for development.

The increase  in size and occurrence of large ,unregulated, and unsafe Metal Detecting ” Rallies ” also has caused many  members hearts to sadden in the association.Untill such time as regulation  and limits  are introduced we sincerely pray that all those people who do attend ,roadside passers by  are kept safe by Divine Intervention.

were all very sad at the moment for the surviving families of the Tunisia Terrorist attacks ,and we remember them at this difficult time at the legal hearings.It was great that last year we didn’t recieve one complaint about non observance of our memorial weekend ,from the public.A big thank you to all the independent detectorists and other Metal detecting  clubs who are based in Derbyshire or who use the Area but are based outside.

This years solemn commeration weekend will occur on the 23/24/25 June 2017 when we remember the victims and their families by refraining from our lovely hobby in Derbyshire .We politely ask independent detectorists , other clubs and associations based in Derbyshire ,and others outside the county  thinking about detecting in Derbyshire then to join with us in our solemn commeration by abstaining from metal detecting.


Finally just to remind every member that they need to be sending their results back  soon for two surveys which the association is conducting.The first is the members ideas survey.The second is the selection of metal detector models for the association to research in depth.We ask all members to be realistic ,and not to use online videos to base their results as so many online video bloggers have been ” Nobbled ” by vested interests.

I don’t expect to be on here much this year as work is exceedingly busy.If something very important occurs then I will put it on the website.Our next post will hopefully be in the spring.

hope to see most of you out and  about


association spokesperson