After a bit of gentle badgering after a meet up on our clubland I have finally gotten around to announcing our ideas survey results,and to do a bit of housekeeping whilst I’m at it.

its been like summer in spring and the crops are in at least a month early in some places,so it will get busier on our free to use clubland from now on.Remember our landowner will be watching and please observe all our rules.I look forward to meeting up with most of you there during the actual summer.

we recieved £25 towards our free machine fund .Thank you to all concerned.Total is now slowly creeping up and is at £529.75. Well done to all.Lets hope brexit does not affect donations too much

we have had some interesting correspondence over the last few months.We have been contacted by Mr Anthony Poulton Smith a respected English Countryside Author .We have also been asked to take part in a land survey in Tibshelf in order to try and find England’s first underground oil pipeline.Ive just checked our current machine register and Sadly we couldn’t help the landowner as quite simply our metal detectors are just not powerful enough to go that deep.We also have been contacted by Derbyshire County Council. All correspondance has been passed on to  association members confidentially.

Our ideas survey results are in and selected by raffle, and done one the first day of Spring,All those members who voted for idea  number 8 had their next choice selected instead.As Linda has already agreed to keep our free metal detecting magazine scheme going for another year .In no particular order the ideas and objectives chosen for the coming year were as follows.

Idea no5……. which is the local government idea

idea no2 ………Schools metal detecting scheme for Derbyshire

idea no 6….. licencising &ambulence cover for paid metal detecting rallies consisting of over 3 people in Derbyshire.

some great ideas there which in my opinion make take a lot longer than a year to complete.

work has already started on idea no 6 and correspondence has started which will hopefully lead to a meeting with Derbyshire County Council Officials/Councillors

It is my opinion that a working group needs to be established to pursue idea number 2, as it needs to be established in a very careful and safe manner for everyone concerned.

looking forward to hear all your ideas and feedback.

sincerely John


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