This is the time of year when us as individuals and as an Association pause to remember the victims and their families of the Tunisia Terrorist attacks.We politely ask other  Associations /clubs and individual detectorists to join us in our solemn  commeration  when we respectfully take time out from detecting to think and remember these lovely people.We all decided that this was the nicest way for us to remember them.

This year we politely ask all detectorists  as a mark of respect to the victims and their families to abstain from detecting in Derbyshire from and on the the 23 June -25th  June  2017

last years weekend was observed brilliantly and we didn’t recieve one report of any club or individual detectorist being active that weekend,from the public.

we also wish to take this time to extend our sympathy to the families and friends of the victims ,and the injured of the Manchester and London Terrorist attacks.

Individually and as a Metal Detection Association we also wish to offer our sincere condolonces to the Family and friends of  Archaeologist Hannah Bladon from Derbyshire who was also a victim of the recent terrorist attack in Israel.We also extend our sympathy to her archaeological colleagues  in Birmingham and Derbyshire.

We have done our best to advertise our solemn commeration weekend in the newspapers and online .Sadly we have encountered some negitive online comments and we have had to take down these online notices because it would be very upsetting  for the families and survivors of these attacks if they saw some of the responses  left.I can’t really make any more comments about this as this matter and the individuals involved are being traced and being  investigated by the authorities.

Hoping that all Detectorists/Metal Detecting  Associations and Clubs  in Derbyshire will join with us in observing our solemn  annual  rememberance for the victims ,injured and their families and friends.

sincerely John Potts

Association Spokesperson


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