The summer and autumn of 2017 has been a very good one for the association and its members.We have all been busy in work but it’s still good to meet up and keep in touch with each other.A very big thank you to all members,independent detectorists and to the other clubs who observed and respected our annual solemn commeration.It was a great comfort to the families and friends of the victims that they have not been forgotten

Just to do a bit of housekeeping now Members have been asking how is free association machine fund going.Well there has been a bit of a decline in donations ,I don’t know why,is it due to brexit people tightening their belts ?.The current status of the fund is £595.95 p.Its ever so slowly creeping in the right direction.On a related topic members need to decide when is the cut off date for new applicants.In my opinion it should be fair so that it gives applicants two chances of becoming members.We also have to remover that we have two people going through the probationary process at the moment.So feedback would be welcome on this one !

I know the working group have been informally meeting to discuss the possibility of starting a Schools metal Detecting scheme for Derbyshire.I have been lead to believe that they will be ready to give their feasibility report by Christmastide.It will be published on the Association website.

Members also are reminded that they need to do their homework on the various detector models in order to help us select the most appropriate metal detector for the association, when we eventually have enough raised to buy one !.Again please don’t use YouTube reviews as nearly all video posters have been nobbled by vested interests

corrsepondance has been quite light ,I will be contacting members in the Derby/Matlock area over some detecting corrsepondance  recieved.

Work is slowly ongoing on the ideas selected competition….it’s going to take more than a year to complete these I’m afraid.

Members and viewers may observe a few disclaimer notices around the site regarding ,endorsements and sponsorship.It has come to our attention that individuals and metal detecting  groups are recieving substantial amounts of money through product,organisation endorsements, sponsorships and travel remittances ,from metal detecting companies and organisations.At the moment we don’t have a restriction on members in this area but i personally would like to introduce this into our membership rules for 2018.All feedback and opinions welcome on this one.

finally I wish to thank our very generous landowner for the use of the clubland this summer.It came in really handy as crops were in a month early.Were hopefully going to expand our free clubland further in the coming months.Fingers crossed on that one.

john Potts



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