There are quite a lot of things to be sorted and all up against a tight deadline.Therefore I am calling a meeting of all members for the 27th April 2018 at 7.30 pm.The second only meeting in our associations history.The location has yet to be decided and for security /anti troll reasons I  will contact each member  privately closer to the time. The two members who are encountering problems with their council will be meeting our friendly solicitor and myself from 5 pm on before hand. For the two members affected Please bring all documents ,media clippings ,old pictures which can be verified independently,old letters of permission, old letters from past council managers,old maps ,and details of the previous landowners ,and letters of granting conditions ,who granted their lands to the people ,which is being managed by the council.If any other member who has been affected but has not declared so ,they should also come along with all relevant documents and details.Our kindly solicitior will look at everything and give you his interpretation of your legal position .

later on in the meeting the affected members will address the association for roughly half an hour on these issues, and they are also seeking some car drivers help as they need transport for bringing metal detectorists to the polling stations where they live in the upcoming local elections next month.Ive been told about 15 people in two wards ,will need transport as they have difficulty getting to their polling stations.

we also have to make our decision about our final choice for our free to use association metal detector.Currently  five machines are the most popular.Some members also want to discuss the countries of origion and ownership and shareholders within these companies

we also have to discuss corrsepondance from each of the companies who manafacture the machines ,from the trade unions in the regions of origion of the machines.

we also need to get our finances sorted before  predicted post Brexit prices increase. Hopefully some generous individual or individuals will make up the shortfall,and we also have to choose which vendor to purchase the final machine choice from.

a discussion will have to take place on new revised aspects of the Portable Antiquities scheme ,which I believe is causing problems for other Organisations and metal Detecting Clubs.

so it’s very important for every member to attend as there are so many important issues to decide

sincerely John Potts

association Spokesperson


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