Just to let everyone know that £10 has been donated this month to bring our Free to use  club metal detector to £504.75.

a sincere thanks to all donors and to association members who pass these donations along to us.

we have all been chatting away all summer that we would start researching in  ernest for machines once we got over this threshold.We are undecided whether to get one machine for deep pasture ,and another for tilled soil.Hopefully there is one that does both!

our selection process is an unusual one.Scores will be given by each member  on machine performance,durability etc.

we also intend to include ratings for manafacturers,sourcing of materials and also their treatment of their workforce,and also their support for our lovely hobby.

our choice of vendor will also be rated by association members in areas similar to the manafacturers.Depending on how things go ,a substantial price rise might happen due to possible sterling weakness and trade tariffs for new metal Detectors.So we can also buy a second hand machine once it is in good condition and it’s  providence is colloborated.

so we ask all members to crack on with their research and discrete enquiries and please note we still have quite a way to go in our fundraising.

We will see how things go with this years fundraising…it will be a difficult one once the forecasted cost of living increases kick in .Depending on this variable will influence our pre agreed temporary morotorium  on new members .

yes we are not at our limits but it was decided that it wasn’t fair for Johnny and Mary come lately to enjoy our free machine at the expense of people who have been members for years.



It’s been a hectic summer for me work wise.The free clubland has been a gift to us all in that we have somewhere to go when all the crops are in ,and it allows us to keep in better contact.

Very positive comments from the landowner and well done for leaving no holes Unfilled.

This summer I concentrated on getting out buddying up   saving coins Finding lost items  and removing dangerous items by detecting rather than being online.When I took on the post of spokesperson I did say I wouldn’t be able to commit as much time to the website as Jack did.

We gratefully recieved £52.00 from the public this summer , towards our free association machine, with now stands at an impressive £494.75.An announcement is to be made when we reach over £500.

ideas have been listened to on buddy ups and by email and over the next few months we will be deciding on which ones to follow up.I must say some very interesting ideas have been proposed.

We have had some interesting correspondence this summer from Buxton Museum and  separately from Derby City Council which has been passed on confidentially to members

Our clergy have asked me to remind you all  ,that your old coins will be gratefully recieved at Christmastide.Donation envelopes can be obtained from participating churches.Also I have been informed that a new company is buying old batteries such as AA,AAA,button and mobile phone,smartphone batteries.I know we remove so much of these lethal and damaging discarded batteries from publicly accessible land .They will take them in any condition ,and feel free to donate this money in your Christmastide  envelopes too.

Just to remind everyone that come the end of December all the 2016  copies of our free to read club metal detecting magazine ,are going to be passed on to a “deserving ” recipient in Eire.Contact our beautiful Linda before then if you are interested in any  past articles .Linda is very pleased  that the reading scheme has run so well and at hopefully no cost to herself ,and definately no cost to association members.She figures that the scheme has saved  members individually over £50 each and over £500 collectively.More importantly is the amount of trees saved and pollution reduced by the reduction in the number of magazines consumed.

Thats the end of the summer roundup.

our next news will be the important announcement concerning our free association metal detector..once we get over the £500 total



Association free members machine fundraising,recieved £28.50 in June.Total £442.75, Thanks to all involved.

linda has informed me that in future , she will be passing on all returned free association Magazines to Detectorists in Eire.Apparently The Searcher ,American Digger and Treasure Hunting and other magazines are no longer freely available over there ! If anyone has a particular interest in any specific article or edition they should contact Our dear Linda before December.

On Saturday the 23rd of July from 1-4pm Mr Alastair Willis the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire FLO will be having a finds identification event at the Derby Museum.No prior booking or  contact details are needed ,just turn up with your finds on the day and good luck.

We wish to pass on sincere thanks from some of the families involved in our memorial weekend ,held for the victims ,survivors and their families of the Tunisia Terrorist Attack.A positive aspect from this year was the 100% observance by other clubs ,associations and independent detectorists.This creates a very good and positive image of our lovely hobby and participants and it is a great comfort to all involved that the victims have not been forgotten.However other clubs and associations need to do more non rally type events to promote themselves more positively to the public.We look forward to next years solemn commeration.

Our kindly solicitor has finished his report on Derby City Councils Community Asset Transfer Scheme,which is available on request for any member who are thinking of getting involved .Sincere thanks to our solicitor who did this for us voluntarily.

please keep sending your ideas for the Association.At the end of the summer the best ideas will be discussed  and hopefully we will have more brilliant thoughts similar to our association  free magazine sharing scheme, free association machine  for members, and free to detect clubland .We are particularly keen to hear ideas which will promote us positively to the public, to expand our hobby from fringe to mainstream,and to carefully and thoughtfully improve the demographics of participants and clubs .Other hobbies and activities are in decline such as bowling, fishing ,archaeological clubs in Derbyshire and we must be pro-active that this does not happen to our lovely and very publically beneficial hobby.


Our free to use association clubland has been a Godsend ,as it allows me to meet up with most of you very easily.

We have been having glorious weather up until quite recently and one of the topics whilst sheltering in the shade ,has been the Queens Royal Birthday and just how great she is.

On behalf of the Association and its members we would like to wish Her  Majesty a lovely birthday .

After twenty five years of activity we are one of the  longest active Metal Detecting Associations in Derbyshire we would be delighted to host her Royal Highness or any of her family should they ever decide to try this lovely hobby in this beautiful area of Derbyshire

Sincerely John Potts

Association Spokesperson